Building Code Reports

Building Code Reports

BOSTITCH is actively working with the engineering community and standards organizations to facilitate safe and durable engineered structures. The evaluation services (ICC-Evaluation Service and IAPMO-Evaluation Service) have issued six reports on the engineering performance and building code compliance of BOSTITCH fasteners. The evaluation reports are available from the ICC-Evaluation Service and IAPMO-Evaluation Service and they are provided here for your convenience.

 Nails and Staples Evaluation Reports:

Adobe_PDF_Icon-Small DensGlass Approval Letter

Adobe_PDF_Icon-Small BOSTITCH Power-Driven Pins for Fastening Gypsum Board Materials to Cold-Formed Steel Framing

Adobe_PDF_Icon-Small BOSTITCH Metal Plate Connector (MCN) Nails

Adobe_PDF_Icon-Small Power Driven Staples and Nails

Adobe_PDF_Icon-Small BOSTITCH Galvanized Nails

Adobe_PDF_Icon-Small Pneumatic Pins for Fastening Wood Structural Panels to CFS Framing