Construction Tools

BOSTITCH® offers a variety of durable construction tools designed for commercial and residential applications. Construction tools are available in kits or bare, and have been field tested to ensure optimal efficiency and usability.

A man on a bridge holding a BOSTITCH tool.


We torture our tools to make them better. we drop them, drag them, pummel them, shake them, and even freeze them under sub-zero conditions. Why go to these extremes? Because we know that you demand superior performance. BOSTITCH is up to your challenge; you can depend on us. . . no excuses.

Demand Genuine Fasteners BOSTITCH

BOSTITCH® manufactures over 2000 types of fasteners. Each fastener is engineered for optimal performance in BOSTITCH® tools, and for exceeding the performance expectations of our customers.

Three BOSTITCH cordless nailers with one 20V battery

Break the habit

Save time and money by starting a new routine with our cordless nailers.


We talked to a few professionals about the Smart Point nailers. Listen to their thoughts on the technology in these tools.

I like the size of the nose a lot...It takes the guesswork out of where the nail is being driven."

Ed Higgins



Finish and Brad Nailers

BOSTITCH® finish nailers and brad nailers are ideal for trim work. Our line of innovative Smart Point® nailers allow you to more easily reach tight spaces, improve nailing accuracy, and reduce work surface damage.

Framing Nailers

Whether you are framing, sheathing, subflooring, or bracing, BOSTITCH® makes a framing nailer that's right for you. Our framing nailers' unbeatable power-to-weight ratio helps you complete all-day jobs.

Roofing & Siding Nailers

BOSTITCH® roofing nailers and siding nailers are designed with everyday use in mind. Incredibly lightweight and durable, BOSTITCH® roofing and siding nailers work with a variety of roofing and siding materials such as shingles, exterior drywall, insulation board, fiber cement applications, soft wood, and steel.

Flooring Nailers

BOSTITCH® flooring nailers and flooring staplers are ergonomically designed for ease-of-use. Built for durability, our nailers will withstand the wear and tear of any jobsite, and feature bumpers to protect pre-finished floors against marring.